Couper Documentation


About beta features

We use beta features to have the possibility to develop new, complex features for you while still being able to maintain our compatibility promise.

You can see beta features as a feature preview. We will announce new beta features in the Changelog.

We will keep features in beta as long as we collect feedback and are actively working on it. You can expect beta features to evolve.

They can change with every release.

We recommended you to pin Couper to a specific docker tag to avoid unintended updates. (Add tests to your code to make sure that nothing is going to break when you want to update to a newer version).

To make you and your colleagues aware that a beta feature is used, we will prefix all configuration items such as config blocks or functions with beta_:

Feedback more than welcome!

We need your feedback to make beta features to proper features. Please leave your feedback and questions here, or open an issue. Thank you! :)