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The environment block lets you refine the Couper configuration based on the set environment.

Block nameContextLabelNested block(s)
environmentOverall.⚠ required, multiple labels are supported.All configuration blocks of Couper.

The environment block works like a preprocessor. If the label of an environment block does not match the set COUPER_ENVIRONMENT value, the preprocessor removes this block and its content. Otherwise, the content of the block is added to the configuration.

Starting Couper with a configuration containing environment blocks will fail, if COUPER_ENVIRONMENT is missing or empty. A default value can be set using the settings block.


Considering the following configuration with the COUPER_ENVIRONMENT value set to prod

server {  api "protected" {    endpoint "/secure" {      environment "prod" {        access_control = ["jwt"]      }      proxy {        environment "prod" {          url = ""        }        environment "stage" {          url = ""        }      }    }  }}

the result will be:

server {  api "protected" {    endpoint "/secure" {      access_control = ["jwt"]      proxy {        url = ""      }    }  }}